Raptor Island - Chapter Book
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Professor Stone was the world’s leading Paleontologist. At least, until the day he disappeared. Now George is searching for him.

 No one knows where Professor Stone is, but that’s not the only problem. They don’t know when he is either. Thanks to Dr. Morgan’s invention, the professor is lost in time.

To save his uncle, George joins a team of scientists and explorers. Armed with hi-tech gadgets, they will travel 65 million years into the past. Only history knows what they will discover.

 Episode One: Raptor Island takes George to the Late Cretaceous of Southern Asia. It’s his first real chance to try out his amazing equipment and hopefully find a clue Professor Stones about the whereabouts. But something is waiting on the island.

 This is the perfect Chapter Book for readers ages 6 to 14, but the high tech science, cool story and humorous plot will make this book enjoyable for all ages, including adults.


Paperback - 105 pages

Written by "Dinosaur George" Blasing and Mark Miller

Edited by Mark Miller

Illustrated by Gabe Bush

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Raptor Island - Chapter Book

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